At International People’s College Snoghøj we offer 2 study trips in spring 2023. 

New York – spring 23 – optional

One study trip goes to New York where we meet with professionals from the business of theatre and former students who work there. During the years we have established a broad network within this city of dreams. We are also going to watch a lot of theatre and musicals – from world-class Broadway shows to small underground performances. 

Besides this we are going to visit some of the world’s most respected schools of performing arts. During the years we have visited Esper Studio and Circle on the Square. It is also becoming a tradition that we receive classes from some of the teachers from New York that are also guest teachers in the Danish School of Performance Art. Last but not least we will also act as tourists in this concrete jungle where dreams are made of and drink Cosmopolitan in some hip nightclub. 

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Berlin – spring 23 – optional 

The other study trip is to Berlin. The program consists of guided backstage tours at theatres and performing art schools where we will get a glimpse of the life behind the curtains of one of the biggest show business industries in Europe before watching the shows in the evenings. In Berlin, we have a network of various professional actors, dancers, and instructors who will also do teachings in one of the city’s studios. 

Besides this, we are going to explore the city’s many museums and other cultural attractions. Berlin is maybe one of the world’s most historic cities because world history more than once took place here – something we will witness in the museums and on the streets. On the other hand, Berlin has since the Roaring Twenties been home to anarchy and a party – something we will experience in the street art scene and the special clubs and cafés. We are going to explore all of this while having a good time together! 

Study trip in Denmark – spring 23 – optional 

Once every semester we will do a study in Denmark based on a theme. This theme has, for example, been “fight for humanity” and this theme led us to Aarhus – the second largest town in Denmark – where we met with people who are working with homeless people, refugees, and others in great need of help. 

These study trips are based on a topic that we find interesting and that we want to investigate. After the study trip, we combine all our findings and impressions to some kind of performance. This could be an art exhibition, a play, or a happening – something that is based on the theme “fight for humanity”, “sustainable future”, or something completely different.  

In this way, we process impressions and make them into actions that may change a little bit of the world, who we are, and how we are in it. 

Outdoor trip – autumn – for all students

In autumn, we grab our backpacks and go into the forest. The theme is “nature and culture” and we walk, experience, hear, and sense all the ways in which our fantastic landscape and nature constitute the nation of Denmark. We learn about practical aspects of outdoor life – how to cook food at a bonfire, how to make a shelter, and how to stay warm and dry during the night. 

During this expedition, we stop at museums and talk about odd small villages, and we may end in a conversation with some locals that offer a cup of coffee. During the evenings we celebrate the simple life and discuss how to create sustainable and good lives in the midst of a chaotic and complex world.