Ball Room Dances 2023


Arrival: 30th July

Departure: 5th of August 2023

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About International Dance Summer School

In the late 18th century, it was the Longways that characterised the European and American ballrooms; but from the year 1800, new dances such as Contra Dances/Quadrilles arrived. Later in the century, it was big and fascinating Quadrilles like Les Lanciers and Le Prince Imperical. Equally, the round dances were spreading victoriously through the Werstern world. Dances like Sauteuse, Schottish Waltz, Russian Waltz, Viennese Waltz, Polka, Mazurka and Gallop are some the many dances that delighted the youth through the 1800’s. At Folk High School Snoghøj we will dance Danish, American, and European Ballroom dances in the most beautiful souroundings! Denmark has a very wide spread tradition for Les Lanciers as it is practised by graduating students and her majesty Her Royal Highness, Queen Margrethe, is traditionally dancing Lancier at Danish court balls.

From the 2021 summer school

Højskolen Snoghøj 

Snoghøj Folk High School is a beautiful, old folk high school built in 1913. It is located in the centre of Denmark by the spectacular Little Belt. The place has been a traffic hub for centuries, as it had one of the major ferry services from Jutland to Funen until the first bridge from the major parts of Denmark was built in 1935. The school is an atmospheric and charming place with its own history. For instance, it has its very own church built by to power ladies of the 1920s. See more at 

The Music 

For the summer school, there will be live music performed by three fantastic talented musicians. These are indeed experts in the old, traditional music and play music of H.C. Lumbye, the artist of the famous Champagne Galop and Railway Steam Galop. It is no coincidence that he is known as the “Strauss of the North”. The musicians are Jesper Rudloff (Violin), Steffan Søgaard Sørensen (violin and double bass), and Marie Sønderby Larsen (piano). 

Dance Instructor Isabel Suri 

It is with great pleasure to welcome one of Europe’s best ballroom dance instructors. Since childhood dances have been a part of Isabel’s life, from classical ballet to folk dance. Since graduating as a language teacher from the University of Berne, ballroom dances have been a central part of Isabel. She began to study the old dances and has worked with names such as Véronique Daniels, Erika Schneiter, Anne Daye, Dorothée Wortelboer, Jørgen Schou-Pedersen, Christine Bayle, Ellis Rogers, and Hannelore Unfried. Since 1987, she has been teaching historical dances in Switzerland and many other countries. 

Isabel Suri

Jørgen Schou-Pedersen

Jørgen Schou-Pedersen has a degree in musicology from the University of Copenhagen but has since graduated as a dance instructor in historical dancing from The Dolmetsch Historical Dance Society where he now gives courses himself. He has received training from a large of the leading experts in the field, including Ken Pierce, Andrea Francalanci, Christine Bayle, Cecilie Grácia Moura, Julie Sutton, Dorothée Wortelboer, Anne Daye, Isabel Suri, Patri Pugliese, Sylvia Hartung, Yvonne Vart, Hannelore Unfried, and Jürgen Schrape. Jørgen has also done research on historical dances and is a renowned guest lecturer at various universities, conservatories, and theatres. Moreover, Jørgen is often a keynote speaker at various conferences and symposiums on historical dances. He has made choreography for theatre, film, and television and teaches historical dancing at the National Theater School in Denmark and at the Royal Academy of Music in Copenhagen. Jørgen teaches dances from 1450-1910 and leads three performing groups.   

Jørgen Schou-Pedersen

Instructors Annette Thomsen and Ole Skov 

Annette is a pedagogue in folk dance and Ole was originally an IT consultant. Both are second-generation dancers as both of their parents were dancing. Annette has been dancing since 1960 and Ole since 1959. For many years, Annette has been running a consulting business within folk dance, and has taught in many courses within and outside of Denmark. She has also been a judge at the Danish National Competitions of folk dance. Ole has been studying folk dance and is a private researcher of various old dances, and his private archive of dances is impressive. 

Annette Thomsen and Ole Skov

Instructors Pia and Per Sørensen

Per Sørensen is a trained vocational educator and folk dancing instructor. In has done research on dances of the 18th and 19th centuries and is a second-generation dancer. He started dancing in 1964, and at age 14 he began teaching as well. Per is the author of many articles about the history of dance and music and has held numerous positions of trust within the organisation of Danish Folk Dancers. Moreover, Per has been an honourable judge of the Danish Competitions of folk dance and has since the 1980s worked with Pia in recreating the old dances. They are the ones who have reconstructed “Le Prince Imperial” and “Otteturen-Promenadekvadrille” which are used by dancers in Denmark. 

Pia and Per Sørensen

Excursion and Tea Dance

Near the school is the cozy, small Kongebrogården. Normally, when big superstars such as Paul McCartney and Elton John give concerts in Denmark they accomodate in this little hotel near the sea. Kongebrogården is located on the other side of the school, and we will visit the site and drink tea and coffee. If the weather is not too bad we will dance in the beautiful nature outside the hotel.

Gala Evening

On Friday, on the last night of the summer school, we will attend a full gala evening at the exciting hotel Harmonien in the city of Haderslev in southern Denmark. Several traveling Danish dance teachers have since early days been teaching fashion dances in the large hall of the hotel. During our gala, we will enjoy a splendid 3-course dinner followed by the famoues “Grande Ball”.

Hotel Harmonien in Haderslev


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