Diving in Little Belt

Start 27.06.21
Slut 03.07.21

We developed a diving course at Snoghøj in collaboration with ocean biologist and Little Belt specialist Søren Larsen, Natur Park Little Belt and the most experienced and skilled divers from the local area. Together we know the Little Belt area like none others!

dykning lillebælt

You will have classes in the under water landscape of the Little Belt area with it’s rich plant and animal life. And, as something completly new, a part of the course will consist of expeditions where we remove ghost nets from the ocean floor and in that way improve our enviorment.

The course is for everyone. Both people with and without a diving certificate and experienced divers.

If you have not been diving before, it is important to come to a diving course. At Snoghøj you will get a top education in diving. We focus on you and that you’ll understand the theory and practice at 100%. We will practice in secure areas and local pools.

If you already have a OWD PADI diving certificate you will have the opportunity to advance to AOWD (Advanced open water diver)

Help the ocean enviorment

If you have a certificate and you do not intend to advance, we take daily trips in the Little Belt, which fits your certification. Some of the expeditions consist of raising ghost-nets, in which we cooperate with the Belts Fisheries Association, locating and raising the nets in a safe and sound manner.

Ghostnet i Lillebælt
Ghostnets at the bottom of Little Belt

We dive in and look at first-hand, together with ocean biologist Søren Larsen and other local divers, who show different spots in the high school’s vicinity. In addition to physically being in the water, we will also hear lectures to clarify what is happening in the Little Belt and how the waters have evolved over thousands of years.

Krabbe på bunden af Lillebælt

Photo: Claus Neupart

f you do not have a diving certificate yet, you have the opportunity to experience your first dives in a safe environment.

Practical information:

The school has both single and double rooms, Wi-Fi internet access, our own park and beach with a wooden pier for swimming, sauna and the possibility for a special diet. This includes vegetarian, vegan or other dietary preferences or requirement. There is a sink in every room and showers are in the hallways. The bus goes straight to the door. The view from the dining room is straight down to the beautiful Little Belt (The Baltic Sea). We can provide you with duvet and a pillow, you can bring your own linen or order it from us with two towels included for 75,- kr (€10)

Double room: kr. 3950/ €530

Single room: kr. 4450/ €600

The price includes the course along with all meals

This course is organized by the theatre association of Snoghøj

Your registration is valid when we have received your security deposit.
Security deposit pr. person. DKK 1000/€150
Remember to give up your name and name of the course with your payment /bank transfer.

​Payment DKK:
​Navn: Hojskolen Snoghoj
Konto: 0757 3225 812 488
Swift / Bic no. MISPDK21
Iban : DK4907573225812488​​

Payment euro:
​Navn: Hojskolen Snoghoj
Konto: 0757 3225 812 380
Swift / Bic no. MISPDK21
Iban : DK5507573225812380

If you wish a certificate the examination will be added on top of the course price:

Certifikat: OWD (Beginner) including materials and rent of equipment of gear Sønday – Thursday 2200 kr. (normal price kr. 3600)

Certifikat: AOWD (Advanced) including materials and rent of equipment of gear Sønday – Thursday kr. 2200 (normalpris kr. 2800)

Rent for equipment for one day (friday): kr. 300

Rent of equipment all week (Sunday-friday) Without certification: kr. 1200

Note: Equipment includes: Finns, wetsuit, lead, west, oxygen tank, breathing automat, gloves and mask. You can only rent complete sets.

Please note on your application if you wish to rent equipment.