Corona and your stay

Throughout his writing, Søren Kierkegaard spoke of choosing oneself. And it is precisely when we dare to lose our footing for a while that we get a little closer to ourselves and life begins. It happens, for example, during a high school stay ?! But it can be hard to find the courage to follow your desire and go to high school during this time.

  • What about your economy, if the course won’t go through
  • What about infection risk, sickness and health?


Fortunately, we live in a fantastic society that is rich in both economy and solidarity. Therefore, during the two closures we have been through, the state has also chosen to keep its hand under the folk high schools. In practice, this means that you as a student or student on both the school’s short and long courses do not have to pay for folk high school that you do not get!

  • You can therefore feel free to sign up for one of our short or long courses.
  • If we do not complete the course due to closure, you will of course get your money back!

Infection prevention

In relation to infection prevention, we have gradually become masters at disinfecting, cleaning and making sure that both teaching, pedagogical gatherings and meals proceed in a way that we live up to all the National Board of Health’s recommendations and the special rules defined by the Folk High Schools. Association in Denmark – FFD.

We look forward to seeing you and working with you to create hope that the world is actually moving forward!

If you are in doubt about anything, do not hesitate to contact the school. We look forward to talking with you and helping you with your questions!

You are also welcome to fill in the form “Call me”. Then we have an opportunity to ensure that you get it in the tube that can help you in the best possible way.

Corona and tours


Part of choosing the right high school is often to visit and feel the spirit of the place. Therefore, it is also almost a fixed procedure that our future students come by for a tour, a conversation with one of the college’s teachers and not least conversations with the college’s current students about everything from academic to parties.

Physical tours

You are still welcome to come by the school for a tour with principal Kim Røge. Of course, we ensure good hygiene in the form of bandages, distance and thorough spraying. At the end of the tour, we have a conversation where we can get to know more about whether the School of Performing Arts is for you. Here we take our precautions in the way that we sit in one of the school’s good, large rooms with good ventilation.

Virtual tours

Alternatively, the best thing we can offer you is a virtual tour. Here we make an agreement over zoom, google meet, skype or whatever you prefer. One of us then goes for a walk around the school and tells about classrooms, living room, rooms and more. And not least, you get – just like on a regular tour – the opportunity to ask questions along the way. Finally, we sit down “together – at a distance” for a conversation, where together we can become wiser about whether the School of Performing Arts could be something for you.

You are welcome to write directly to principal Kim Røge at, just as you can fill in the contact form “Call me up”.

We look forward to seeing you!