29.07 – 04.08.18 Vocal Bootcamp


This course is fully booked. Contact us about a wait list.


This course is offered in cooperation with Wisper and will be taught in English.

Concurrent to the course clowning will take place.

Singing is making art with an endless world of sounds: dark, light, sharp, warm, heavy, thin… In this course we will focus on the technique and interpretation of soundscaping your own voice. How do you shape your sound as a lead singer? What makes backing vocals blend in a way that results in goosebumps? And what is the difference with the specific feel of a jazzy close harmony set-up?

Nowadays there are many methods and techniques on how to sing. The often contradictory statements about how to use and manage your voice can be confusing. Therefore, we want to explore the different options starting from one main question: what works for you? The program also includes an introductory workshop on CVT (Complete Vocal Technique) with Michael Kristensen.*

Additionally, we will focus on appearance and physical posture to help you find your natural and authentic position on stage and to discover more options for performing. Weather you choose to embody a completely different character that suits your songs or opt to keep things minimalistic, authenticity comes first.

After all, a singer touches his listeners the most when he/she is real and sincere. We will approach this aspect of authenticity from different angles. Therefore we will exchange with other courses such as clowning with Sven Verelst* and yoga with Jara Maria Høgsberg* but always from our own position as a singer. How can yoga help you relax on stage? How does clowning influence your authenticity?

What you need for this week:
a song you would like to sing (solo/in a small group) of which you know the lyrics by heart. Bring your lyrics and the chords/sheets. Questions? E-mail indra@wisper.be
a stage-outfit in which you feel comfortable. At the end of the week there will be an intimate concert where every participant will sing solo or/and in small groups.

This week is meant for people with substantial singing experience and performing will be the main focus. To work efficiently on our performances, you will receive several songs to prepare in advance.

Your teacher:
Indra Boone is voice and music teacher at WISPER (BE). She started as a singer-songwriter and published her first solo album ‘Blame it on Disney’ in 2014. She sings/sang in several bands: Asi Sea (world music & blues), Follia! (folk-rock), O bain Marie (singer-song & jazzy close harmony), Camel’s Drop (dub & reggae), Beau Fort (Close harmony).


Guest teachers
Michael Kristensen is a certified Complete Vocal Technique Teacher and is active as a singer, songwriter and guitarist in the rockband Stained. He graduated from The Danish Academy of Musical Theater in 2004 and has been teaching for many years.
Sven Verelst is a professional clown with a wide variety of collaborations in which he works as a performer, coach and teacher.

Practical information:

The school have both single and double rooms, Wi-Fi internet acess, our own park and beach with a wooden pier for swimming, sauna and the possibility for a special diet. This includes vegetarian, vegan or other dietary preferences or requirement. There is a sink in every room and showers are in the hallways. The bus goes straight to the door. The view from the cafeteria is straight down to the beautiful Lillebælt. We can provide you with duvet and a pillow, you can bring your own linnen or order it from us with two towels included for 75,- kr (€10)


Double room: €505/kr. 3800
Single room: €555/kr. 4150


Your registration is assured as soon as we received the deposit.
Security deposit is €150/kr. 1000 per person.
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Please mention your name and the name of the course at your payment.

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Name: Hojskolen Snoghoj
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​Name: Hojskolen Snoghoj
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