Contemporary Dance Theatre

Start 04.07.21
End 10.07.21

Join the Contemporary Dance Theater course with two teachers who together have more than 50 years of experience in the subject.

Each morning begins with technical Martha Graham-inspired warm-up by HC, after which you continue with rehearsal and development of choreographies.

The afternoon is in the hands of Michi Strecker, who unveils the unique way of working that made Pina Bausch world famous.

You get a week where you can develop your technical “skills” and where you learn to develop your own choreographies and movements based on words or moods.

We end the week with a performance of the material we created.

Meet the teachers

Hans Christian Leonhard

Our own H.C. teaches together with Michael Strecker from Germany. They organize an enriching dance week that you probably will not forget.

H.C. Leonhard teaches his own developed dance style, which stems from Martha Graham’s techniques, where storytelling through body and expression is in the foreground. H.C.’s 30-year career began as classical ballet and modern / contemporary ballet dancer. Since then, he has worked as a choreographer, director and teacher, where he has been behind a wealth of musical theater productions in all guises

Michael Strecker

During his almost 35 years as a professional dancer, Michael Strecker has danced the 25 years at the world-famous Dance Theater Pina Bausch in Germany. The company is famous for their completely unique way of translating and telling stories through dance and body. In Modern Dance Week we will get to know the working methods that make “Tanztheater” so unique

Michael Strecker is here a part of Macbeth in the Pina Bausch setting

​General information

Wireless Internet, private park and beach, possibility to have vegetarian meals, a zink on all rooms, shared showers in the hallway. The school is easily reached with public transport, we have a sea view to the beautiful Little Belt from the dining hall, and once in a while we see dolphins. We have duvet and pillow and you can choose to bring your own sheets or order it with us including 2 towels which costs 75 DKK/10€.

Double room:  DKK. 3950/ €530

Single room: DKK. 4450/ €600

Your registration is valid when we have received your security deposit.
Security deposit pr. person. DKK 1000/€150
Remember to give up your name and name of the course with your payment /bank transfer.

​Payment DKK:
​Navn: Hojskolen Snoghoj
Konto: 0757 3225 812 488
Swift / Bic no. MISPDK21
Iban : DK4907573225812488​​

Payment euro:
​Navn: Hojskolen Snoghoj
Konto: 0757 3225 812 380
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