International ball dances · Scenekunsthøjskolen Snoghøj

8th International Dance Summer school

Course in European and American ballroom dances from 1800 -1900

Date: Sunday 4th of August until Saturday the 10th

European and American ball room dances

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At the end of the 18th century, English Longways Dances dominated the ballrooms, but from the year 1800 new dances were introduced: Francaises, big Quadrilles like Lanciers, Eugenie Quadrille and the exciting Country and Contra Dances. The Couple Dances, such as Sauteuse, Scottish Waltz, a Russian Waltz, Viennese, Polka, Mazurka and Gallop, were just some of the dances that thrilled youth at that time. At the Summer School we will be dancing, Danish, American, French and German Ballroom dances. In Denmark, we have a very special Le Lanciers tradition. This tradition is still kept alive all over Denmark and even Her Majesty the Queen Margrethe enjoys the Lanciers at Court balls.

Music – Den danske Kvadrilletrio

At the Summer School, the music will be performed by three musicians who will play the music of H.C. Lumbye, the famous Danish dance music composer. H.C. Lumbye was called “Strauss of the North” and his “Champagne Galop” and “Railway Steam Galop” are both very well known compositions.

The Musicians:
Jesper Rudloff – Violin
Steffan Søgaard Sørensen – Violin and Double Bass
Kristian Jørgensen – Piano


Instructor Isabel Suri, Switzerland

It is with our absolute pleasure to welcome one of Europes absolute best ball room dance instructors.

Isabel Suri

Classic ballet, jazzdance and folk dance have been a part the life of Isabel Suri every since she were a child. She is an educated language teacher from the university in Berne, Switzerland. Through her work as a high school teacher, she started to study the historical dances by Véronique Daniels, Erika Schneiter, Anne Daye, Dorothée Wortelboer, Jørgen Schou-Pedersen, Christine Bayle, Ellis Rogers, Hannelore Unfried and others. She have been teaching historical dances since 1987 in Switzerland among other countries.

Instructor Richard Powers – U. S. A.

It is with absolute pleasure to once again welcome Americas greatest ballroom dance instructor.

Richard Powers

Richard Powers is a dance historican and instructor at Stanford University Dance Division. Richard Powers have beeing focusing on research and reconstruction of the 19th and 20th century american and european social dances ever since 1975. He work based on his personal collection of more than two thousand dance manuals. Richard Powers was the founder of Flying Cloud Academy of Dance i Cincinnati and director of the first Vintage dance weeks. Richard Powers have been choreographing scores of stage productions and movies. He have taught at dance workshops in Paris, Rome, Prague, London, Vienna, Venice, Genéve, Edinburgh, Moskva, Tokyo all over USA and more!

Instructor Annette Thomsen og Ole Skov, Danmark

Both have danced since 1960 and their parents have danced as well. Annette Thomsen has taught folk dances for many years and has held courses in Denmark and abroad. She is engaged in instructors courses at Landsforeningen Danske Foikedanseres instruktorkurser and works as a judge during the Danish Championship in folk dances. Ole Skov is studying dance as a hobby and has in recent years collected all kinds of material related to dance and music history. Annette Thomsen and Ole Skov have published several books and released a CD called “Ballroom Dances 1 & 2.”

Annette Thomsen og Ole Skov

Instructor Pia og Per Sørensen, Danmark

Per Sørensen is educated as a dance teacher and has studied dance from 18th to the 19th century in his spare time. His parents were dancers and he started dancing in 1964. At the age of 14 he started teaching and has taught many different styles. Per Sørensen has written many articles about the history of dance and music and he aswell has been working as a judge during the Danish Championship in folk dances. Pia Sørensen was taught to play the piano as a child and started dancing as a grownup. Since 1980 Per and Pia have been working with the history of dance, reconstructing old dances. Together they have written 8 books on folk dances and have held courses in Denmark and abroad.

Per Sørensen

Excursion and Tea dance

In close vicinity of Højskolen Snoghøj is Kongebrogården which we are going to sail too. At the spot, we are going to drink tea and coffee and – if the weather allows it – we’ll dance in the nature and in front of the hotel.


Galla evening

The last evening is the galla evening, where we dress up! We are going to visit the old Hotel ‘Harmonien’ in the city of Haderslev.
Numerous danish dance teachers have been giving classes in the grand hall of the hotel. While there, we are going to eat a three course dinner followed by a “Grande ball”.

hotel harmonien
Hotel Harmonien

Price and Practical info

Only DKK. 5950,- (€800) for 7 days including a double room, food and excursions along with the Galla evening. Add-on for single room is DKK. 500,- (€70) .You have to participate as a couple. Singles should find a partner or get signed up on a list. Contact Per Sørensen to get signed up.

Contact and further information:

Per Sørensen:

Phone: +45 30 27 50 69



Your registration is assured as soon as we received the deposit.
Security deposit is €150/kr. 1000 per person.
The fee has to be paid to:

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Prinsessegade 95
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Please mention your name and the name of the course at your payment.

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