29.07 – 04.08.18 Clowning

This course is offered in cooperation with Wisper and will be taught in English.

Being a clown is about more than putting on a red nose. The power of the clown is all about the ability to fail. A clown doesn’t hide his emotions. He tears down walls and his acting work is completely transparent. This clowning course is a quest for vulnerability, openness, wonder, innocence and impulsivity. Playful instructions guide you through this process.
You pick up a few clowning techniques and apply these to a variety of scènes and acting assignments. For a whole week, everything will be about unlearning and being able to make mistakes. Our goal: to fail completely and enjoy our own position of vulnerability while doing so.  
As a clown, you reconquer in a childlike (not childish) way the right to present yourself as an interesting phenomenon. To do so, you need to fully embrace your own foolishness and failure. During this intense and intensive week being a clown will get under your skin completely!
In between clowning sessions there will be plenty of time to chill in the garden, go swimming or kayaking in the ocean, take a long walk or bike tour in the woods, seek out the adventure while bridgewalking, hit the cosy bar in the evening … The ultimate holiday feeling will follow soon enough!

Practical information:

The school have both single and double rooms, Wi-Fi internet acess, our own park and beach with a wooden pier for swimming, sauna and the possibility for a special diet. This includes vegetarian, vegan or other dietary preferences or requirement. There is a sink in every room and showers are in the hallways. The bus goes straight to the door. The view from the cafeteria is straight down to the beautiful Lillebælt. We can provide you with duvet and a pillow, you can bring your own linnen or order it from us with two towels included for 75,- kr (€10)


Double room: €505/kr. 3800
Single room: €555/kr. 4150


Your registration is assured as soon as we received the deposit.
Security deposit is €150/kr. 1000 per person.
The fee has to be paid to:

Middelfart Sparekasse
Prinsessegade 95
DK-7000 Fredericia

Please mention your name and the name of the course at your payment.

Payment euro:
Name: Hojskolen Snoghoj
Account: 0757 3225 812 380
Swift / Bic no. MISPDK21
Iban : DK5507573225812380

​Payment dkk:
​Name: Hojskolen Snoghoj
Account: 0757 3225 812 488
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