Producing Performance Arts

The Producing Performance Artist line is for you who want the skills to get your own performing arts ideas out and live in reality – in theaters, stages and venues across the country! It may be that you want to apply to Performing Arts Schools at home and abroad, or it may be that you need a “pit stop” in your life to nurture your own creativity and your inner creative artist!

Classes are taught in English

Performing Arts and competence

At the Producing Performance Artist line, we work with the entire process of making theater. You are therefore taught a wide range of subjects that make you an all-round artist, idea maker, producer and performer.

In the subject “dramaturgy” you learn basic skills in the construction and composition of a play. You build on this knowledge when you in the subject “dramatic writing art” learn to create a connection to your own resonance and get your artistic ideas down on paper in the form of a manuscript. In the subject “stage instruction” you learn to convey your overall artistic idea to the subject groups that are in a theater – from actors to set designers to technicians. In the subject “drama” you get instruction in basic acting skills, so you can also be on stage in your projects. In the subjects “scenography” and “light & sound”, you gain knowledge of the more technical and craft disciplines that are needed to redeem your performing arts vision. Finally, in the subject “management, innovation and entrepreneurship” you learn to get ideas and not least – in the form of, for example, knowledge of fund applications, law and contracts – to get these ideas out and live in reality!

The theater industry has changed markedly in recent years, and the trend seems to be continuing in the wake of the corona pandemic. Many performing artists today are also directors of their own small production company. The logic seems to be: If you want to make a living from theater, you have to get your artistic ideas out and live – in reality. The Producing Performance Artist line is therefore aimed at you who want to be the driving force in your own lifelong learning as a performing artist, and who love to make larger and smaller projects from morning to evening!

Create scenographies where only the sky is the limit. We have an artistic principle at the folk high school that if you want to do it, you are basically allowed to do so. Should the wall be painted and the scenography knocked up in the wall, we do it! We see opportunities and want to give you the best framework to develop you artistically. You will work in close collaboration with directors, screenwriters and sound and lighting designers to create the scenography you had dreamed of creating. 

Primary subjects

Primarily taught in the context of on-going projects!

  • Dramaturgy
  • Dramatic writing skills
  • Scene instruction
  • Play
  • Light & sound
  • Scenography
  • Leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship

In addition, the schdule offers

  • Morning training – running and dance tecnique
  • Elective subects
  • For example – seakayak, write/record songs, musicaldance, musicalsinging, yoga and much more!
  • Open stage
  • Projects
  • Study tour
  • Singing, speacking voice
  • Theater history
  • Common choir
    And much more!

Performing arts and Folk High School

Why should you go to the Performing Arts School Snoghøj to develop your passion for performing arts?

The short answer is: Because the School of Performing Arts is so much more than the academic that takes place in the teaching itself. At the School of Performing Arts, you have access to the school’s teaching rooms and equipment around the clock! This means that you can also do your artistic projects in the evenings and on weekends, where one of our competent teachers is ready to help you.

In addition, there is the personal journey of formation that you will go through: The social, the parties, the swim, the walk, the sauna, the food and not least the friendships for life. All that which is so hard to tell about. All that can only be experienced and lived.