Snoghøj Højskolen - International Musical & Acting Basecamp

Musical & Acting courses

Ambitious performance courses which includes acting courses and our top tier musical school

As a student at the Musical & Acting courses you will receive the best and most personal preparation to apply for one of the performing art schools. During the course we will focus on you and your personal ambitions and talents. You will be guided and receive coaching in relation to both auditions and your further professional development in general.

Your main subjects will be: solo singing, choir, dance, drama, performance, improvisation, music theory and reflection. The classes are taught by teachers who are active in the Danish and international art scene.

Attending the course is more than just attending school. You will live, sleep and eat at the school which gives you the chance to develop yourself 24/7 in a creative and social environment.

The course ends with a complete musical performance, where you put all the skills you learned during your course to practice. Together with your fellow students and the teachers, you will create a real theater experience and present it to an audience.

We are working going to performances all throughout the school year. In particular we enjoy going to Fredericia Teater  along with Mungo Park Kolding that have theaters close to out folk high school.



Take your performance course to the next level: Study trips to London or New York!

Optional in your performance course at the Musical & Acting Basecamp, we’ll have a study trip to New York and the world famous Musical district: Broadway. The tour offers an exciting and varied program of dance classes, workshops, performances, visits to one of New York’s performing schools and, of course, a little bit of sightseeing and free time. “The city that never sleeps” has something for everyone – it will be great! Read more about the study trip here.
Furthermore, a study trip to London will be available. This trip focuses more on modern and classic theater. We will explore modern versions of classic Shakespeare, huge productions of classic musical performances and the best productions in modern theater. Obviously we’ll have time for sightseeing, trips to museums together with expert guides and galleries and time to explore the beautiful city on your own.