Three times we meet for gatherings in the school lecture hall. Here we start with a song from the high school songbook or maybe another good song if we feel like it.

This is followed by a short presentation from one of the folk high school’s teachers or from one or more of the folk high school’s students. There is no curriculum for these collections, and the themes can therefore vary with everything from “heavy rock” over “Søren Kierkegaard” to “Democracy and dictatorship.” Nothing is too big and nothing is too small. The main thing is that these presentations come from – and are conveyed with a warm heart, where the lecturer has something at stake in relation to the material: It can be a personal story, wonder, indignation or thought, which unfolds and is explored through the lecture, before together we reflect and share our thoughts with each other together.

Grundtvig had a good word for this. He called it “living interaction”. We can translate this with: We meet someone else’s or someone else’s thoughts through a small presentation. Through this we are forced to take a stand for ourselves so that we can form our own thoughts, feelings and attitudes. And finally, we can put these into play in conversation – and thus in the meeting with the others get a little closer to ourselves.