Folk High School with classes in culture, theatre and performance

Culture & Performance Basecamp
Experience the International Folk College way

Strengthen your performance in your career, work, education, life on International folk college Snoghøj

We offer you an alternate stay, where you will gain knowledge, practice skills and develop yourself using artistic processes. The Danish international folk college is a super unique way of doing this. At Snoghøj you will be challenged, expand your cultural and artistic horizon and discover new sides of yourself. This uniquely Danish experience along with our native students is offered in a 18, 22 or 40 weeks course. This course is also a perfect start if you want to study a Danish university or if you want to qualify to get a job in Denmark.​ During the course you will be taught about all the relevant aspects of Europe and Denmark. All classes are in English. Besides all the different subjects, there will be a number of trips to different significant places in Denmark to learn more about the Danish culture.

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Culture, but also plenty of sustainability and performance!

Not only will you get an in-dept look into our globalized world and an experience of Danish culture. Denmark is at the forefront of sustainability at our international college, so your everyday live will circle around human sustainability, performance and performative learning. 

The Danish Folk college way

Attending the course is more than just attending school. You will live, sleep and eat at the school which gives you the chance to develop yourself 24/7 in a creative and social environment. You will be a part of an international group since your fellow students are from all over the world. This will create a vibrant and diverse atmosphere. The students from the other Basecamps are mainly Danish students. They will give you an insight into Danish life style and culture.



As a student you will be an active part of the living and learning community at the school. Co-creation is one af the most needed competencies in the 21 century and you are therefore highly encouraged to share your opinion and contribute in a practical way to the continous development of the program. 

Performance studies draws on and synthesizes approaches from a wide variety of disciplines including performing arts, social sciences, feminist studies, gender studies, history, psychoanalysis, queer theory, semiotics, ethology, cybernetics, area studies, media and popular culture theory, and cultural studies.

In work, education, and sex, “to perform” is to do something up to a standard – to succeed, to excel. In the arts,  “to perform” is to put on a show, a play, a dance, a concert. In everyday life, “to perform” is to be conscious about your actions and be able set your own standards, to lead yourself.  In the twenty-first century, people as never before live by means of performance and self leadership.