Auteur - Højskolen Snoghøj

Instruction & Auteur

Auteur class 2018
​Periode: 07.01.18 – 22.12.18  (Holiday: 09.06.18 – 12.08.18)

Auteur class 2018/2019
​Periode 12.08.18 – 08.06.19 (Holiday: 23.12.18 – 06.01.19)​

Auteur Basecamp is for those who want to develop new artistic expressions and/or will choose to work as: director, script writer, choreographer, composer, screenwriter, performance manager etc., in Denmark and abroad.

​This course is for anyone who wants to create new and original performing arts.​

Attending the course is more than just attending school. You will live, sleep and eat at the school together with you fellow students. This gives you the chance to develop yourself 24/7 in a creative and social environment.