Auteur: Theatre and Performance Making · Scenekunsthøjskolen Snoghøj


At our auteur base camp at Snoghøj international folk college you will have the chance to pursue your dream of becoming an auteur.  

The Auteur Basecamp is for those who want to develop new artistic expressions and create new and original performing arts from idea to finished product. You will work, live and learn together like-minded students with a passion for performing arts in an international environment. These students come from all over the world, to our beautiful surroundings to embrace themselves in the arts for as much as humanly possible.  

Get on the road!

Whether you wish to work with theater direction, script writing, as a choreographer, a computer or do screenwriting we got something for you. You will even get in-dept management tools so you will be able to take your own productions on the road and get out to perform! As an auteur, you have to possibility to get into our mini-bus with you’re crew and performers and do your original productions all over Denmark. 

We have professional light and sound equipment that you can use while you’re on the road. Our instructors will help you get used to the equipment and guide you so you’ll have optimal use of it.

Work with other dedicated students

The auteur base camp is just one of many at Snoghøj International folk college.

At our acting & musical base camp the actors you will use in your productions are training. They are reviving world class solo singing lessons along with both modern dance and ballet classes on an almost daily basis. 

Our Cultural and performance base camp is for those that also want to do performing arts, but also want to experience Denmark a bit more in-dept. 

​This course is for anyone who wants to create new and original performing arts.​

Attending the course is more than just attending school. You will live, sleep and eat at the school together with you fellow students. This gives you the chance to develop yourself 24/7 in a creative and social environment.