Long courses

Performance in all its aspects

Our international Performance College has something for you – if you want to create and co-create. 

We supply a wide variety of long courses. We have something for you if you want to work with performance, performativity, creating new performing art, work with the musical theatre genre, acting, film, self-leadership and explore Denmark while you are working with a little bit of everything. Højskolen Snoghøj Performance College has something for you.

The Producing performance artist will definitely be for you if you want to create your own performing art, directing plays, writing your own manuscripts, learning about lights & sound, scenography and choreography. 

Are you more interested in musical theater? In our musical base camp you will learn all the necessary skills any musical performer might need, to get out there on the stage and perform. You will get international dance instructors that are professionals in the field and we even supply you with solo- and masterclasses for singing with certified singing professionals.

If you want to learn about acting we have specialized classes for you at our acting base camp. Here you’ll get classes in how to work as an actor, improvisation, voice and physical training. You will work closely together with the auteur basecamp students to develop new plays about the things that interests you. Furthermore you will have famous guest teachers from all over the world. 

The courses are open for everyone above 18, but normally most students are between 18 and 25. You can start a course when you are 17, if you turn 18 in the same semester.

Give yourself the time to feel who you really are – then give it all you got!
See you at Snoghøj!