The stage is yours!

It doesn’t matter if you want to express yourself, work on your self confidence or are searching for a professional career in acting, then our theatre folk high school is the right choice for you.

You will learn to develop yourself in a professional environment where both Danish and international teachers will do their absolute best to give you a personalized teacher where you will work both yourself and in groups. At the same time, we will strengthen your understanding of music, singing and dance, since we are exploring all areas of performing arts.

The best acting courses to have a professional career

At Snoghøj Theatre school we are working with the Danish performing arts school along with many international performing arts institutes.

As a part of your stay at Højskolen Snoghøj you will have the opportunity to take an optional school trip to either New York or London and experience some of the most wonderful and well produced shows.

You will get in contact with professionals and performances which will give you the optimal conditions of creating a career in theatre or as an actor.

We have a close relationship with the professional theatre world, which you will experience in your daily life at Snoghøj. This will make you a holistic approach to performing arts.

However, we do not focus solely on theatre, since we want to give you the best possible education and a solid theatrical profile. This will give you the tools you need in order to work with screen writing, directing or musical, acting, music or performing arts.  

High intensity, lots of support

At Snoghøj Theatre school you will be able to move your boundaries and get your skill honed. If you have an ambition about applying for a performing arts school we will assist you in the best possible way.

To challenge you and improve your skills we will work with the body and its language, your voice and your mind. You will be challenged in working with yourself and others.

We are taking in the real experiences you get while working with theatre and with professionals that have been doing this their entire life.

You will receive classes in dramaturgy, improvisation, characters and performance. All this, with a great amount of loving support from your professional teachers. In our experience, this will make you perform even better!

Come, join us!

In our theater school you will become familiar with other amazing people – and experience new sides of yourself, that you might not even know existed! You will get physically and mentally stronger in a very brief period of time.

You will live and work in a folk high school where we work very hard to make a safe environment with lots of freedom. You will have plenty of room to challenge yourself, but also lots of space to be alone.

Come, join us! Be a part of the Snoghøj family.