As a student at Snoghøj musical school it’s all about your personal development. You can expect to develop both as a person and as a performer, since you will be in a professional creative environment on a daily basis, together with instructors and some of the best Danish and international teachers.

Whether your goal is to develop yourself on a personal level or to gain practical skills to prepare yourself for an audition at one of the performing art schools, Snoghøj musical school is the obvious choice, simply because you will go through an excellent and intense program, that will bring you more than you could ever imagine.

Improve your possibilities for a professional career

At the musical school you will not just be trained based on your personal talent and motivation, but it will become part of a program, where you and your fellow students will be introduced to our partners from Den Danske Scenekunstskole (Danish performing arts school) and international schools.

Together with professionals from the theater world you will be educated personally and in joined lectures with the goal to express yourself better and work with techniques, which will improve you body and voice.

The classes will take you through all the aspects of singing, dance and drama, where you develop your skills in all the disciplines. Because of that you will become an all-round performer with knowledge about theater and music. You will learn about drama and the many possibilities of music, both for you who will work as an artist and for you who loves to create artistic expressions.

As part of your education, we will invite you to join us on a study trip to New York or London, where you can experience some of the top musicals and theater plays.

Become part of a unique experience

We are proud to welcome you at our musical school, where you and your fellow students move boundaries and expend your skills within all the aspects of musical.

The school is located in the inspiring environment, right down to Lillebælt, where you have many possibilities to enjoy the beautiful nature. You can do this either by kayak, running in the forest and much more.

Because we are a folk high school, we obviously care about community and safety, which are very important values to us. The school provides a safe space, to develop yourself as a human and an artist.

Join us and become part of a very special community, where new friendships await, and where a professional environment helps you to live out your potential and prepare you for an education in performing arts.

See our musical and acting course.