Find great performance courses here at Snoghøj Music School

Are you passionate about music?

Music, theatre and performance. That is in our DNA.

As a student on our music folk high school you will work with artistic processes and creativity. Together we are curious, creating and courageous in our work with music. But most importantly, we’re having fun – because as a music folk high school we have a huge love for music and community.

The artists of tomorrow

At Højskolen Snoghøj our students are creating both classical and new genres of music. We don’t care of you’re a virtuoso that already master the classic disciplines or if you have the skills to experiment and create your own unique sound.

One of our values as a music folk high school is to offer the very best education which we do by cooperating with both national and international professionals. This is simply to keep our students artistically challenged and open the unending universe of music.

Performance courses – on a whole new level

At our music folk high school you will learn, that music is like playing a game. A game that you can also turn into a way of living. You are participating in intense classes that will help you develop your skills as an solo artist as well as in groups with other – maybe even with people you never thought you would be able to great with?

Regardless of you are a guitar player, a singer or a pianist you will work with theory and practice. This will give you a better understanding of your own and other peoples music, because your own skills to listen, read notations and to create different genres will give you an entirely new and professional understanding of this type of performing arts.

Feel the spirit of the folk high school

On a folk high school you always have possibilities. You can delve into the music in our unique social environment or be on your own with your thoughts.

You will experience the creative nerve that goes into everything that we do as artists. Together with your fellow students you will get the possibility to practice instruments, flow, structures, recording techniques, sound engineering and lots more, that will help you put together music and look at forms of arts and a part of a whole that, when you combine it with song and dance, will create amazing things along with everyone at the folk high school.

It does not matter if you’re a songwriter, into electronic music or something entirely different you will get the necessary help you need get into the artistic schools in Denmark and Europe.

As a school, Højskolen Snoghøj will have a focus on all of our students and make them as good as possible in music as well as theatre and musical. You should expect that not only train your vocal cords and your rhythm but also try and develop in theatre, as you will receive classes in dance and drama. We help you to develop your creative expression in order to become a skilled artist that can handle both music, acting, scenography, musical and stage design.

Become a part of Snoghøj Music school

At Snoghøj music high school you will become a part of a family with about 70 students that all work hard every day to express themselves in a creative way with music-, musical-, theatre- and performance courses.

As folk high school we are extremely attentive to create a safe space for our students so that they will have a place to develop as a young artist. At the same time, we are feeling the spirit of højskole where students, teachers along with every single member of staff at our school where we are creating friendships and are helping each other create and feel right at home.

Furthermore, you will find yourself in an environment where we have some of the most beautiful nature in Denmark. Lillebælt! When you’re not performing you will be able to take trips with our kayaks, go for beautiful walks in the forest or along our own beach. Afterwards you can relax in our authentic Finnish sauna.

Come to Snoghøj and experience the music – One of Denmark’s warmest creative families.