We want to create an environment where you can be exactly who you are – together with all the rest of us. We are all different and we have our different preferences. However, a true, reliable community arises when we take responsibility for ourselves as individuals, as well as tolerating the differences of others.

You will be a part of small communities such as:

  • the course you’ve chosen
  • the elective courses you’ve chosen
  • your study group
  • your hallway
  • your room
  • you eating group

You can also participate in voluntary groups such as:

  • the Students’ Counsel
  • the Party Committee
  • The Old Students’ Union
  • Snoghøj Racing Club – the running community of the school
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Snoghøj Racing Club at the anual DHL-stafet. Shirts are made with Prime Outlet

The Big Community

Once in a while, you’ll become part of the great Snoghøj identity – what we in daily speech simply refer to as “Snoghøj!”. This happens when:

  • we do gatherings 3 times a week in the lecture hall of the school
  • we do projects where all courses are mixed into various forms and content
  • you participate in the big Choir of the school whose sole purpose is to give us a good laugh and bind us together as a community and folk high school.

Be one – but one among others – and we all will grow!