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Performing Arts College Snoghøj!

Performance is about knowing oneself and applying this knowledge as a guideline through ones artistic, personal, and social experiences. As a student you will live and study in an inspiring and intercultural environment of experienced artists, actors, and educators. 

Join us for a time of your life! 


Performing Arts College Snoghøj bids you welcome!

Do you want to work with performance, self-leadership, and prepare yourself for the rest of your life? Maybe even study or work in Demark? 

Then Snoghøj is the right place for you. We focus on all kinds of performance relating to drama, improvisation, physical training, dance, music, directing, screenwriting, scenography, sound and light, movies – and have classes with real-world professionals. 

In the modern, technological era, the pressure from all sides can be enormous and intense. If you have to hurry all the time you will never get anywhere. If you are afraid to fail, you will never achieve anything. If you give yourself time to actually feel yourself – to become yourself – then, all of a sudden, your own learning goals can be obtained much faster.

We are a tiny and very cosy International Performing Arts College (folkehøjskole) with right around 75 students. All of us are occupied with performance, theatre, and musical in one way or the other. As a student, you will have the option to have one-on-one masterclasses with the most skilled and professional instructors. Moreover, our college is considered to be the most beautifully located school in the entire country, with a fantastic view right down to the ocean of Lillebælt. We have our own beach, sauna, kayaks, forest, and even a small lake right next to the belt. You will also have the opportunity to ride horses, go scuba diving, have parties, bake cakes, or create your own activities. Our staff is ready to advise and help you figure out what’s next after your stay at our school. For example, we can prepare you to apply for Danish and international art schools, international high schools, or universities. Most of all, you will join a loving community where you will get all the support you need. 

Give yourself the time to feel who you really are – then give it all you got! Come join us at Snoghøj! 


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