Performing Arts College Snoghøj!

Performance is about knowing oneself and applying this knowledge as a guideline through ones artistic, personal, and social experiences. As a student you will live and study in an inspiring and intercultural environment of experienced artists, actors, and educators. 

Join us for a time of your life! 

Welcome to Performing Arts College Snoghøj Serious Performing Arts and cozy Folk High School

Performing Arts College Snoghøj 
Is for you, if you want to combine the best of two worlds. Performing arts and folk high school.

We are striving to be a serious offer for you, if you wish to become a professionel artist or if you just have performing arts as a hobby. We help you all the way, if you’re going to audition one of the performing arts school in Denmark or internationally. 

No matter why you choose Snoghøj, we first and foremost want to be a folk high school, where we want to care for each other and ourselves in a loving, warm and caring community. 

All of our teachers are educated in performing arts and have been practitioners for years on the national and international stages. This, combined with years of experience teaching gives the best requisites to do the best quality teaching and to give you the best personal growth. This can happen, since the teachers are here at all hours of the day – some even live in the school, just like you – and this gives an optimal setting for growing as a person, when you spar with the staff. We are also here for the weekend and your free time in general, this means, that you don’t have to take the talks your need in a rush – we are also here, for roasting marshmellows while looking at the setting sun going down over Little Belt National Park.

Snoghøj is performing arts and folk high school when it is the best. We are looking forward to meeting you!