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ADDRESS: Please make sure to write an accurate address (street name and number, zip code, town and country) as it might be necessary to send important documents to this address


TELEPHONE: country code + area code + number


E-MAIL:You will be informed of the results by e-mail

If yes, PLEASE ENCLOSE documentation in the form of a letter from your home institution or from the Danish host institution, which specifies type of stay and dates for stay
If yes, PLEASE ENCLOSE the lecture`s recommendation in your application. You are STILL ELEGIBLE, even if you don`t have a recommendation from a lecturer.

Please note: you may choose only one course provider as first choice. Applicants who choose several course providers as first choice will not be offered a scolarship

Motivation letter *

Please write about why you think that you will benefit from participating in a Danish summer language course in Denmark. Write at least half a page.

Nogle felter er ikke udfyldt korrekt

Højskolen Snoghøj

School Snoghøj

CVR: 39262819

Højskolevej 9

7000 Fredericia