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Folk high school​ - our subjects

​Welcome to the folk high school Højskolen Snoghøj where you can explore your interests – and find new ones.

A stay at Højskolen Snoghøj can help you to develop your skills and abilities for your working life, and at the same time give you many enjoyable personal and social experiences.

There are no entry or leaving examinations in this school.

The length of a course ranges from two to five months and starts in January and in August.

Everybody can come to Højskolen Snoghøj, although you must be at least 17½ years old and have a reasonable level of English.

Our Main Subjects


40 weeks course : preparation for Musical educations

- Morning training

- Classical Ballet

- Jazz Ballet

- Drama

- Vocal Ensemble

- Lead Vocal

- Vocal Theory

- Music Theory

- Musical Performance

- Reflection


22 or 18 weeks course : preparation for general education

- European way of life

- Society

- Art

- Lifestyle

- Music

- Cooking

- Culture & History

- Excursions

- Reflection

- Physio drama


The three week language course starts in week 26 and three weeks ahead.

if you are interested in our long courses it starts August 2017.

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For more information please contact us :

Tel. +45 7624 1530


Højskolen Snoghøj

School Snoghøj

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