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A L I N E,  B E L G I U M

M I Z U K A,  J A P A N

​​The school is very nice and the view is fantastic, with the sea just over there.

I love to walk here in the mornings, the nature is really relaxing for me as I used to live in a city.

Here you can have the best experience about Denmark because we live with Danish people; however there are many people from all over the world also.

I like classes because even if we are learning it's not like the regular schools. It's not stressful, it's a funny way to learn. Sometimes we have special weeks in which we do projects. With those projects we try to show what we have learned so far and what we achieved.

In Snoghoj we are part of this big family, where everyone is accepted and treated equally. We are included in many activities, so we do not have reason to be bored.

​I like the lectures of the school because it's really different from Japan. Here we can discuss, we are involved. We always do group-works so we learn how to communicate with people with different background. I really enjoy this way of learning, it's definitely better then the traditional one.

It's nice to live with youngsters like me, as well as having roommate...When I arrived here we had a big arrival party, where I met all the students with whom we keep partying every weekend. I found good friends, we like to spend time together, and of course we communicate in English, which is the best way to improve language skills.

Y A M I R,  M E X I C O

M​ A T H I L D E,  B E L G I U M

​This place is the opposite of my country. Being here is useful for me because I learn how to live abroad and how to share culture. It's good for your personal development.

I found many friends, we spend lot of time making conversations, so I learn a lot from the people and about the people themselves.

I recommend this school because here, I met a lot of people who, like me, are trying to find themselves as human beings. This place help you to became mature, you understand how to learn from you mistakes. It's not just about fun, it's a lifetime experience.

​Here I feel free to be myself, the school is so cozy, you can really experience the danish "hyggeligt".

I like to live here with all the students because you are never alone, if you want to talk with someone you always find a person.

The school surroundings are so beautiful, with the sea and the forest where it's nice to take a walk.

I came here to take a break, to think and to learn more about myself and the others at the same time.

​G A B R I E L,  c o s t a  r i c a

​I enjoy being with the people, talking and listening the different opinions about cultural themes, therefor it's great to live in the school all together..

I recommend this place because you can expand a critical thoughts.

Denmark and Snoghoj folk high school itself are very different from the country I come from, that gives me new points of views, new experiences, which are very important to developed my character. They teach us how to think independently and differently.

Above all, this area of Denmark is really beautiful, the nature and the sea. The building of the school is quite ancient and that's why it's so remarkable.

​S H U N S U K E,  j a p a n

​​One of the best things of the school is living with all the students. For example I like making conversations with Syrian guys because I get new perspectives. It is really interesting to listen to people with different backgrounds and points of views than mine.

Another nice thing of the school is the morning trainings with the MSBC. Even though I'm not a dancer I can join them and have a lot of fun.

Also, it is really nice taking part in the performances and to sing with everybody. One of the most important things I have learnt here is the meaning of "serendipity". This word expresses something that you get or obtain without expecting it. ​Here I definitely experienced it.

Højskolen Snoghøj

Højskolen Snoghøj

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