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  • English language training
  • Danish culture and citizenship
  • Danish language training
  • European history and culture
  • Sports and outdoor activities​
  • Lifestyling​

Why does Europe look the way it does? Learn about architecture from the Gothic, over the Renaissance, Baroque and so on, up to Functionalism and the present day. Ever wondered why "Danish Design" is so famous? We also cover the developement and variety of european food and drink and delve into the area of lifestyling and outdoor life and activities. Afterall Denmark has been closely connected to the sea since the days of the vikings.


  • Music
  • Literature
  • Film
  • Theatre
  • Media

Here you will get a comprehensive primer in european paintings, literature, architecture, design and music through the ages. Of course we will also cover the world of film, theater and other media. You will also get the opportunity to take part in the activities of the students at our MBC line and be offered the chance to try your hand at being an artist and performer yourself.


  • Culture
  • History
  • Religion and schools
  • Politics

​You will learn about the developement of european society from Roman times up to the present day, covering a multitude of subjects in history, culture, politics, religion and education. For centuries Europe dominated the rest of the world by means of exploration, exploitation, military and industrial power. Have you ever wondered how that came about?​



  • ​Common future
  • European influence

​Clearly Europe has influenced the rest of the world immensely, but influence has certainly also come the other way. Our conquests in the past were based on our ability to make a sailing ship sail against the wind (a technique invented by the arabs), the use of gunpowder (invented by the chinese) placed in a cannon (invented by the turks) and so on. So obviously one of our main skills was the ability to combine what other people came up with. These days it is vital that we all learn from eachother in peaceful areas in order to have a common future on an environmentally sustainable planet. In this course we will explore ways to achieve that.

Højskolen Snoghøj

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