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Welcome to the Cultural BaseCamp, a course for Danish and International students ! The coming fall semester starts August to December 2017

​For centuries, the rich and powerful in Europe sent their sons on what was called the "Grand Tour" of European countries (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grand_Tour), to learn about the cultural legacy of the continent in preparation of later life. Sadly, this was not a possibility for the sons and daughters of the common man but, in the mid 1800s a few visionary people in Denmark came up with a brilliant idea which they called the "Folkehøjskole". In all its simplicity, it consisted of establishing a number of schools where people could enlist and learn about the same things at a fraction of the price. This has been a huge success for a century and a half and has played a significant part in placing Denmark among the leading countries in economy, education and innovation. We are now able to invite foreign students to share this uniquely Danish experience along with our native students in a 18/22 weeks course. Here, you will be taught about all the relevant aspects of Europe and Denmark all classes are in English and Danish. Besides all the different subjects, there will be a number of trips to different significant places in Denmark. It will be a subject of Danish culture.

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